MELBOURNE — Quarterback Trey Wren accounted for 221 yards off offense and three touchdowns in the Melbourne Bearkatz 35-0 shutout home win over the visiting Riverview Raiders on Friday night.

Wren threw for 100 yards on 9-of-12 passing and threw a touchdown to Carter Bray. Wren also had 121 yards rushing on 12 carries and had two scores, including a 70-yarder on the third play of the game.

“It was bad windy and our field was still wet from the rain,” Melbourne head football coach Casey Moreland said. “We started off with the ball and kind of sputtered a little bit on our first drive. We stopped them and ended up getting the ball back and turned it into a score. Trey did a great job of distributing the ball and doing what he should do.”

On the second play from scrimmage for Melbourne, Wren breaks out for a 70-yard touchdown. Fernando Ventura kicked the extra point for a 7-0 lead.

“Trey called a leverage route, because he has the ability to call an audible any time he wants to,” Moreland said. “He saw leverage with one our better players out in space. I like it when they call touchdowns, because that means they understand what they are doing.”

Melbourne’s defense stopped Riverview again forcing a punt and Wren took advantage of it. The Bearkatz scored again before the end of the first quarter to lead 14-0. Wren ran for another touchdown and passed to Bray for a score as Melbourne continued to score in the third quarter for a 28-0 lead.

“They were against the wind in the first quarter and it was important to make them punt into the wind one more time before it ended,” Moreland said. “We did that, but we weren’t able to capitalize when we got the wind in the second quarter. We weren’t able to score, because we had too many penalties and some missed blocking assignments on offense. Defensively, we played lights out. It was kind of frustrating that we didn’t put points on the board. I kind of wanted us to put the game away in the first half.”

Melbourne got to that point early in the third quarter. Defensively, Bray had six tackles, Ethan Seay and Sawyer Hoskinds had five tackles each and Dakota Townsley had four tackles. And Chayse Beene picked off a Riverview pass during the game.

“We were getting everything we wanted at halftime and went to a call sheet to pick plays we hadn’t run yet,” Moreland said.

Melbourne kicked off to Riverview to start the second half and made a stop on the Raiders in four downs. The Bearkatz come back and run a five play drive with Holden Hutchins going on a six-yard run to make it 21-0.

Wren scored the next Melbourne touchdown on a 52-yard run to make it 28-0.

“At that point it was over,” Moreland said. “I was impressed with the way our kids showed up and played. I didn’t want to take four quarters to put the game away. I wanted to do it in the first half, but they did it in pretty short order to start the second half. If we hadn’t had the wind in our face during the second quarter, we could have gotten it done then.”

During the game, the lights in the northwestern part of the stadium were out, causing a dark corner of the field.

For the game, Bray rushed three times for 45 yards, Hutchins had seven carries for 16 yards and Robert Langston got three carries for four yards. Bray caught four passes for 58 yards and a touchdown. Malachi Cruze had three catches for six yards and Ethan Seay had two catches for 36 yards.

Riverview got inside the redzone once in the first half against Melbourne, but turned the ball over on downs, because of a strong stand by the Bearkatz defensive front.

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