Thankful for the things.

I’m thankful I’m having to keep this column short, as we have a lot of advertising this week and need the space. I’m thankful for the support (and encourage support of our advertisers, of course).

I’m thankful revenues are up on the county, and doubly thankful this can be said about nearly every county in Arkansas. Lots of factors here, but the bottom line is seeing a lot less fretting at government meetings as needs and cash flow intersect. Don’t get me wrong, people are still paying close attention, it’s just not as dire as it has been in recent years.

I’m thankful for smart people setting economic policy. I’ll admit, some concern in increased revenues as a factor, a minor factor but a factor, is inflation. And with that we’re seeing costs of goods and services go up due to shortages in material and workers. On the other hand few things get economists busy than the “inflation” word, and we can expect economic policy to address this minor factor in time to come.

I’m thankful I’ve made it through some pretty brutal inflation cycles in years past. The ship sails on predictable seas, as it were.

I’m thankful I have hobbies so I don’t have to sit around and think about things like inflation in my downtime, that I can give myself a break once in awhile and go play music or read a book or something. (I’m thankful we don’t carry on like they did in old detective novels… he hypothetically typed as he took a stiff drink and lit another cigarette, the place on his jaw sore from the recent fist-fight.)

I’m thankful to have the support of a wife who had my back when I made the high-risk decision to undertake the writer’s life some years ago. I’m thankful that life led me to an editor’s job, which in turn led to a number of opportunities, and endless opportunity to report upon the affairs of the region and meet all these interesting and wonderful people.

I’m thankful for good roads and working traffic signals. These become super-important as your roll around the central Arkansas region going to the places where the things happen which deserve reporting.

And I’m thankful to have a mid-week holiday just to enjoy the day and what comes of it: A meal, family, taking it easy.

I’m thankful for – and when I pray this comes up a lot – the blessings that got us this far, and the blessings to come.

That includes you; I’m thankful for you.

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