The following was compiled by the late Clyde McGinnis:

108 Years Ago

This has been a busy week in Batesville for the Masonic fraternity as officers of the Grand Lodge, including Baker Clark, grand lecturer; D.W. Wilson, deputy grand master of the 18th District; and Robert Liddell, grand high priest of the grand chapter of Royal Arch Masons, were here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsing the work and lectures in the several degrees of the order.

There was an uproar in the state legislature today as members of the House demanded that Gov. William K. Oldham call an election immediately to elect a governor. Gov. Joe T. Robinson resigned March 8 to become a U.S. senator, and Oldham, as president of the Arkansas Senate, assumed the office of governor. The House of Representatives passed a resolution by a vote of 74 to 8 that Oldham call an election at once. Oldham said he will call such an election when the affairs of the state are more settled.

Father Devery, the Paulist missionary, spent more than half an hour last night explaining and answering questions concerning the doctrine and attitude of the Catholic Church.

Sheriff Fike has received a communication from Moore County, Tenn., seeking the whereabouts of heirs of Will Phelps. It was thought the heirs of an estate in Tennessee might be in Independence County.

Guard, March 13, 1913

88 Years Ago

Mrs. C.C. Gray has just received a letter from her brother,W.A. Montgomery of South Pasadena, Calif., stating that he and his son, Alvis Jr., had a narrow escape in the recent earthquake. They were in Alvis Jr.’s drug store when the earthquake struck, and as they went out the door about a ton of bricks fell at their heels. The stock of the drug store, about $4,000, was a total loss.

Almost every retail merchant in the city is expected to take part in the one-day sales event of the monthly trades day tomorrow. Main and Broad streets have been reserved for the auction and for farmers to display items for sale. A large crowd is expected.

Luther Owens of Berryville has been appointed game warden for this district to replace A.G. Stedman, who was recently made superintendent of the state penitentiary.

Judge L.B. and Mrs. Poindexter and Mr. and Mrs. T.A. Simpson, all of Batesville, motored to Salem today to attend the funeral of Judge T.H. Humphries, who died Sunday at West Plains, Mo.

Mr. and Mrs. George Rutherford announced the birth of a son, George Ewing, March 19 at their home six miles from Batesville. George Ewing is the fifth generation of Rutherfords to live on the Rutherford estate now owned by his father.

Miss Helen Pendergrass, dining room matron at the Masonic Home, has gone to Memphis to take a course in dietetics at a Memphis hospital. She came to the home as a little girl and graduated from high school three years ago.

Guard, March 21, 1933

68 Years Ago

The state Labor Department will hold hearings here Monday morning to determine the amount of unpaid wages due for more than a month to at least 60 employees of the Westmoreland Manganese Corp., according to Labor Commissioner Joe Cash. A corporation official said most of the claims were valid but the corporation funds were “tied up.” The government agency that made a loan to finance the manganese mining and processing plant on the bayou east of Cushman said it would put out no more money without better performance on the part of the corporation.

John Huskey, long-time resident of Moorefield, has been appointed to represent Farm Bureau Insurance Co. in Independence County. His office is in the Powell Building on Third Street.

Dowager Queen Mary, 85, of the British Commonwealth is reported near death in London.

Guard, March 24, 1953

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