Ramona Gordon, Independence County Extension agent for home economics, will receive a National Association of Extension Home Economists Communications Award on Thursday at the group’s annual meeting in Missouri.

She will receive a $100 award for outstanding Extension educational radio programs.

Prior to her position in Independence County, Mrs. Gordon was employed by the Cooperative Extension Service in Sharp County. She and her husband, Richard, have two children, Rodney and Rhonda.

Mrs. Gordon graduated from the University of Central Arkansas in 1970 and Jonesboro High School in 1956.

Donice Woodward, owner of D and D Cake Crafts, recently demonstrated the art of making candy at the Oil Trough Home Economics Department. She made peanut butter cups, chocolate covered cherries and other kinds of candies to demonstrate different methods and use of decorative molds. Mrs. Woodward will conduct candy making classes for adults in Desha this week.

The obituary in the paper today is Coy R. Massey.

Ye Olde Blacksmythe Shoppe, a combination blacksmith-modern welding shop located one and one-fourth miles south of Evening Shade on Highway 167, has reopened for business after an 8-month closure, owner Charles Berry announced.

Berry, who is a fourth-generation blacksmith, will custom make any ornamental forge work or needed article in the blacksmithing category, including door handles, wall hooks, long iron spoons, kettle hangers and flapjack flippers.

The Video Fantasy electronic game palace, recently established in Cave City, has moved from a downtown address to the corner of North Main and Woodland streets.

The store features seven electronic game machines, including the ever-popular “Pac-man” and the new “Tron” machines. Each machine will play on 25 cents.

Robert W. Bohannon of Salado has received his certificate as a certified graphoanalyst from the International Graphoanalysis Society of Chicago, society officials have announced.

Bohannon is personnel manager of Land O’Frost of Searcy.

The services of graphoanalysts, according to the society, are being used more and more by business firms to facilitate personnel selection, general personnel management and credit risk evaluation.

In a drawing held Sept. 1, weeklong vacations to Hawaii were given to four people after a contest sponsored by local radio stations KBTA-KZLE. They are: Bill and Linda Arnold of Batesville, Marge Graham and Florence Dugan of Mountain Home.

The winning general public entry was drawn from Kaut White’s business in Mountain Home.

The Zig-A-Thon, a Zig Ziglar motivational rally, will be held from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Oct. 2 at Newark High School.

Today’s Junior Editors’ Quiz: What is a borzoi?

A borzoi is a handsome and elegant dog that is also known as the Russian wolfhound. The borzoi is a very speedy and graceful runner whose name in Russian means “swift.”

A borzoi stands about 30 inches high and may weigh up to 100 pounds. Its long, narrow head has dark eyes and small, pointed ears. The dog has a deep, narrow chest, long legs and a long, curved tail. The borzoi is a powerful dog in spite of its somewhat delicate appearance. Its long, silky coat may be slightly curly.

The dog was originally bred in Russia to hunt wolves by sight. Its ancestry includes the collie, Arabian greyhounds and other dogs native to Russia. The dog came to the United States from England late in the 19th century and has been used here to hunt coyotes. Today, the borzoi is more commonly kept as a pet and show dog.

As a pet, the borzoi makes a gentle and affectionate addition to the family. But the animal needs a good deal of exercise and must be watched carefully in the presence of other animals.

– Guard, Oct. 4, 1982

From today’s Alphabet Soup column:

Showfolk – from Julie Andrews to John Wayne – have been changing their names for generations.

Miss Andrews started life as Julie Elizabeth Wells, and John Wayne was originally known as Marion Morrison.

Here are the real names of more stars of stage and screen:

Betty Perske, Lauren Bacall; Benjamin Kubelsky, Jack Benny; Bernard Schwarz, Tony Curtis; Archibald Leach, Cary Grant; Roy Fitzgerald, Rock Hudson; Louise Hovick, Gypsy Rose Lee; Dino Crocetti, Dean Martin; Gladys Smith, Mary Pickford; Virginia McMath, Ginger Rogers; Joe Yule, Mickey Rooney; and Sarah Jane Fulks, Jane Wyman.

– Guard, Oct. 5, 1982

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