106 Years Ago

The front of the Jeffery-Carter Co. store is being torn out and an up-to-date front and concrete floor will be put in. This will add much to the appearance of the building.

W.H. Calaway and Son are putting up a concrete block building at Bethesda and will have it ready for occupancy in two weeks. Mr. Calaway was in Batesville today buying material to finish up the construction.

Clayte Baker, who has been with Burns & Sherrill, has accepted a position with his father in the manufacturing of swings. Mr. Baker is expecting a large volume of business this summer and is now preparing for the rush.

Herbert Scott, who has been employed at the Express Office in this city, has resigned his position and has accepted a job with Burns & Sherrill.

Hon. Emmett Jeffery of Newport passed through the city on the train this morning to Mount Olive to visit his father, C.P. Jeffery, who is ill. Forrest Jeffery of this place joined him, and they will spend a few days at Mount Olive.

Guard, Feb. 4, 1913

86 Years Ago

County Judge J. Ed Sherrill today announced two important appointments for the county. Miss Annie Pelley of Little Rock, daughter of A.B. Pelley, well-known farmer of Surrounded Hill in Jackson County, was appointed as county health nurse. Miss Pelley, who has been a registered nurse at St. Vincent’s Infirmary for several years, assumed her duties here this morning. She succeeds Mrs. George Jones, who resigned some time ago when she and her husband moved to Missouri.

Judge Sherrill also announced the appointment of Dr. J.M. Hooper as county health officer to succeed Dr. C.C. Gray.

George Weigert came in yesterday from a business trip in the interest of the Batesville White Lime Co.

Karr Shannon, editor of the Melbourne Times and author of a recently published book, “Hillbilly Philosophy,” was a business visitor in Batesville today.

Loin, round or T-bone steak are for sale two pounds for 25 cents at the W.B. Menard Grocery, where orders for $1 or more are delivered.

Guard, Feb. 3, 1933

66 Years Ago

Victor Wade, Batesville insurance man and leader in the Republican Party, has been appointed to head a patronage office in Little Rock for the party.

Dean R. Lindsey, Batesville lawyer, has been reappointed as U.S. Commissioner for the Northern Division of the Eastern District of Arkansas Federal Court.

A Mount Pleasant man, Doyle Weatherford, told Deputy Kent Sexton that he escaped injury but his 1948 Ford automobile was badly damaged last night when he struck a cow on the highway near Spring Mill.

Harry Case and S.E. Coleman are on a business trip to Houston, Texas. They are expected to return Tuesday.

Guard, Jan. 21, 1953

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