Last week I had the privilege to speak at the Kiwanis Club and talk about the past year and discuss some of the things that being looked at for the future of Batesville. As reported in the Batesville Guard on Saturday, a new roundabout is in the works for Myers and 20th Street. The article alluded to the cost of this project being a million-dollar roundabout. While the number is not far from the estimated cost, it was not included that this project is more than a roundabout. A total rework of Myers Street from St. Louis/Hwy 167 to the intersection of 20th is in this plan. This project will be partially funded by State Aid Street funds and will improve the ingress and egress to Myers Street.

Another project that is being looked at is some upgrading and improvements to our water system. The City of Batesville wants to ensure that we are proactive in preparing our future and for industry and business growth. While this project is on the radar, it is still in the discussion and planning stages. No real dollar amount has been set at this time.

We are excited to be partnering with the Arkansas Department of Transportation, Independence County and the City of Southside on the Ramsey Mountain project. There have been no definite decisions on what will be included on this project other than the emergency traffic relief route. I did speak of the possibility of a scenic overlook and possibly some mountain bike trails, but not dirt bike trails as reported. None of these decisions will be made without much discussion and planning with each of the entities involved. There is much to still be decided and I look forward to working with ARDOT, Mayor Bowman and Judge Griffin to accomplish the best plan.

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