Last Wednesday evening Independence County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to 2310 Batesville Blvd. in response to a female caller who said a man had put his hands on her.

Deputies made contact with Felicia Beard, 36, of Batesville. According to the report, “she stated that she got off work and wanted to go to ‘Oscars’ and have a few shots of alcohol and buy some weed and then go home, but when she got there, she saw her boyfriend.”

At this time, she began crying, then asked Deputy Zach Spohr if he remembered writing her a ticket to which he did not. Deputy Chris Stump again asked Beard what happened tonight to which she reiterated the story about going to Oscars.

While speaking to Beard, she had the strong odor of intoxicants coming from her person. She also could not keep her balance without resting on the patrol car or moving around. Stump then asked Beard if she had been physically assaulted to which she stated yes, when he asked who assaulted her to which she stated a man’s name when asked how she was assaulted, the report stated that she said “Well, he emotionally assaulted me.”

Stump then asked Beard if she was assaulted verbally or physically to which she replied, “Tonight or ever?”

Deputies asked Beard multiple times to explain how she was physically assaulted, to which she finally advised a man pushed her down and told her to leave. Stump asked Beard if she wanted to pursue charges on the man to which she stated no and stated she didn’t want to get him in trouble.

While speaking to Beard, deputies had to refocus her attention multiple times and ask her to stay on task. Due to Beard’s level of intoxication, deputies asked Beard if she could find someone to come and pick her up to which she stated that she could.

Beard then proceeded to scroll through Facebook and began talking about a no insurance citation that she received from Spohr a couple weeks ago. Deputy Spohr advised her that he did not remember writing her a citation, but very well could have due to him making multiple stops a night. Spohr advised Beard that she needed to listen to Deputy Stump and attempt to call someone to come pick her up. Beard then pulled out her phone, placed it to her ear for a few seconds and then placed the phone into her back pocket.

Deputies advised Beard that she was under arrest to which she complied. She was placed in hand restraints, and double locked them. No contraband was found and she was transported to the Independence County Detention Center.

While enroute to the detention facility, Beard began laughing and banging her hand restraints on to the metal prisoner transport divider. When a deputy asked what that noise was, Beard then stated she slipped the cuffs and laughed.

Deputies pulled over at the Exxon on Ramsey Mountain to re-secure her restraints. Beard was given multiple direct orders to exit the vehicle to which she refused. Beard then began swinging her arm towards Deputy Spohr attempting to strike him with the loose restraint. Deputy Spohr then took control of her right arm and the hand restraint, and continued to give her multiple direct orders to exit the vehicle, to which she refused. Deputies then physically removed Beard from the patrol unit. Deputies Stump and Spohr then applied the hand restraints and placed Beard back into the patrol vehicle. She was transported to the detention facility without further incident.

Beard was charged with misdemeanor public intoxication and released with a citation.

Child taken from parole violator

Thursday afternoon, April 22, the Independence County Sheriff’s Office responded to an alert from the Arkansas Parole and Probation that during a home visit to 435 Main St. in Pleasant Plains where they made contact with Taylor Bethany Hall, 24, who was registered as living at the residence. Hall told agents she was alone in the home. While there agents and deputies found two glass smoking devices containing meth residue and one clear plastic baggie containing a crystal-like substance. Upon arriving at the residence Deputy Byron Hightower discovered Stephen Kelly Garcia, 27, of Batesville in the shower of the home. According to the incident report, Garcia advised the deputy that “he had just come to the residence to hang out with his friend.”

Hightower then spoke to Hall, who appeared to have been crying. She had her minor child at the residence. The Department of Human Services arrived on scene and administered a urine test which Hall failed. The child was taken into DHS custody. Hall and Garcia were charged with felony possession of meth or cocaine less than 20 grams, possession of drug paraphenelia, and a misdemeanor third-degree reckless endangerment of an incompetent.

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