About 9:50 p.m. Monday, April 12, deputies pulled over a black 1999 Dodge 1500 at the Phillips 66 gas station at the intersection of Scott Wood and Highway 167. Deputy Chris Stump checked the specialty license plate number displayed on the rear of the vehicle: AR-GFBZCJ. The plate returned to a 2000 Silver Dodge pickup. Stump made contact with the driver, later identified as Brad Paul Smith, 23, of Floral.

Stump notified Smith that his right rear tail light was broken and illuminating a white light at which time he stated, “I have some tape right here, I can get out and fix it.”

Deputies asked Smith to remain in his vehicle and provide his license, registration and proof of insurance. Smith did not have any of these items. Deputies asked Smith for his first and last name, and date of birth. He provided this information to officers who relayed it through dispatch.

Dispatch advised deputies that Smith had warrants out in both Independence and Cleburne counties and an active search waiver on file.

Deputy Zach Spohr asked Smith to exit the vehicle, and explained there was a search waiver on file, and that deputies were going to search him and the vehicle for any illegal items.

Smith stated that he understood and stated that there would not be anything illegal in the vehicle. Spohr completed a search of Smith’s person and did not find anything illegal and asked him to stand at the front of the patrol unit.

During the vehicle search Stump located one maroon eyeglass case with three hypodermic needles in a dashboard cubby hole, and one black eyeglass case with seven hypodermic needles in it under the driver’s seat, a black pouch with a Weighmax digital scale with white residue on it, and three hypodermics between the passenger seat and the center console and a small clear bag containing a white crystalline substance.

Spohr placed all items into a brown paper bag while Deputy Stump completed his paperwork.

Due to Smith not having a driver’s license, he was advised to contact someone to come and pick him up. Smith’s mother picked him up and advised officers another son would get the pickup. The report notes all hypodermic needles appeared to be empty and were placed into the sharps container that is in the evidence room at the Independence County Detention Center.

Smith is charged with felony possession of meth or cocaine, felony possession of drug paraphernalia, and misdemeanors of defective or no tail lamp or reflectors, fictitious tags, driving with no license, failure to pay registration fees, and no proof of liability insurance.

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