Independence County Tax Collector, Paul Albert, has teamed up with two Arkansas companies, Arkansas CAMA Technology and DataScout, LLC, to help the taxpayers of Independence County pay and review property through a “one stop shop” using the website This site allows taxpayers to view current or delinquent statements and historical taxes, pay in real time, change their mailing address, download a receipt, email the collector, and connect with his office’s Facebook for deadline reminders and courthouse closings.

“For the past two years, ACT has been developing a web-based system for county collectors that consolidates the number of third-party vendors a collector must rely on to conduct their day-to-day business,” Albert said in a press release.

The ACTCollect system serves as the collector’s daily software capable of taking payments, reconciling daily and monthly settlements, accepting credit cards in real time and many other aspects associated with the duties of the Collector.

The new system also provides many benefits to the taxpayers in several ways while creating efficiencies within the office. ACTCollect is directly connected to the collector’s public record website, which now will have the ability to accept credit card payments 24 hours a day. Payments made at are credited in real time. Real time credit card acceptance for delinquent Personal Property taxes will quickly allow for vehicle license renewal even if the Collector’s office is closed. If the taxpayer provides an email address, a receipt will be emailed immediately.

“The decision to change software systems was not taken lightly,” Albert said. “However, at the end of the day, we are upgrading to a web-based system that will increase our technological capabilities, save the county money, reduce the reliance on many vendors working together, provide real-time credit card transactions, and give the taxpayers a more efficient system for paying online. There is no doubt we will experience some hiccups and potential issues during this conversion. We believe the efforts of the conversion and potential speed bumps are worth the change.”

Albert asks that taxpayers have patience during this transition and not to hesitate to call his office at 870-793-8823 or email if you are experiencing any issues. It is the Independence County Collector’s office goal to quickly respond and attempt to fix any issues that may occur during the transition.

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