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Charles Kunkel, Whitney McSpadden, Debra Asberry and Cynthia Binder deliver six microscopes and slides to the Cave City Elementary School on Sept. 21. The items were donated by the Sharp County Conservation District as part of a grant from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

The Sharp County Conservation District donated six microscopes and slides to the Cave City Elementary School recently and will provide drinks and snacks to six classes at the school.

The items were purchased by a grant written by SCCD Secretary Cynthia Binder through the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission fine money. The SCCD board members said they approved the grant because they feel students need diversity when learning. Through this grant the SCCD board would like to encourage “hands-on” learning outside of the classroom.

The Sharp County Conservation District is a local government at work, and their specific responsibility is management of soil and water resources. The idea behind its formation is to keep decision making on soil and water conservation matters at the local level.

Each district is governed by a board of five directors. The Sharp County board includes Brian Neal, Robert Murphy, John Katrosh and Zach Baxter. The SCCD mission is to promote the conservation of soil, water and other natural resources in the Sharp County area through effective planning that ensures a healthy ecosystem and provides economic benefits and quality of life for landowners and the general public.

“We feel that our children are the future to preserving conservation,” Binder said. “If we can get students to spend enjoyable learning time outside, they will remember what they learn and continue to make a difference in conservation for generations.”

For more information about the Sharp County Conservation District, call 870-994-7335, ext. 3 or drop by the office on Court Road, Suite 21C, in Ash Flat.

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