The Cave City School Board had a brief meeting Monday at the Cave City High School Library. Board Secretary Brandon Qualls recognized new board member Eddie Walling and congratulated Bobby Sanders for maintaining his position as president as well. Both members ran unopposed in the November election for school board.

The school district has 1,167 students and 347 are taking the virtual option.

For the entire school year so far, Cave City has had 26 students test positive and 15 staff test positive. The district has only had five staff quarantined and 128 students quarantined this year. Our first positive case was Aug 14 before school started.

“We’ve been really blessed this year,” said Steve Green, Cave City School District Superintendent.

The school has spent $1,497.80 of CARES Act funding.

The board accepted a letter of resignation from Chasity Parker as a special education aid.

The board also shared congratulations to Luke Walling for winning the State 3A Cross Country Championship held recently in Hot Springs.

“Luke actually defended his championship that he had also won in 2019 and his twin sister Katie is also a state champion this year in tennis,” Green said.

The next Cave City School Board meeting will be 6 p.m. Monday, Dec. 14

The Southside School Board also had a brief meeting Monday to hire a new custodian, Bill Reeves, at the elementary and Chelsea Davis, as a paraprofessional for the pre-K program.

Superintendent Roger Rich said when the school year started attendance on-site was 75 percent with 25 percent of parents choosing the virtual option. Onsite attendance has increased and now it’s about 85 percent students attending in person and 15 percent choosing the virtual option.

“On-site learning is best, but I’m glad we have the virtual option for families,” Rich said.

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