After two special meetings, one on Friday night that lasted nearly an hour and a half, most of it spent in executive session, the Batesville School District Board of Directors made a slew of personnel moves on Sunday including accepting the resignation of Assistant Superintendent Drew Sandage effective Sunday.

Batesville Superintendent Dr. Michael Hester could not comment on “that personnel matter” after the meeting.

“There were some legal counsel and some arrangements that had to be made,” Hester said about the two meetings. “And as you can see, we have some exciting things that is happening.”

David Campbell moves from his position of principal of Batesville High School into the spot as Assistant Superintendent of Operations and Finance.

“He has been at the high school for 20 years, 16 as the principal,” Hester said. “That is our largest building and our largest facility, so he’s had the largest budget, and the largest operational things for him to manage. Stepping into this position gives us our most experienced person, and we are excited about the options and experience that he brings.”

In subsequent moves, Stacey Lindsey vacates her position at Sulphur Rock’s principal to Batesville High School.

“She was at Sulphur Rock for 16 years and started Sulphur Rock for our district,” Hester said. “Obviously, there’s going to be some emotions there leaving, but we took our top academic principal and visionary principal from what she brought that school to one of the top five percent in the state. That kind of academic instructional leadership now steps into the high school. So, we are excited about what we are going to see from there.”

Dustin Rose moves from his Assistant Principal at West to take the helm at Sulphur Rock.

Rose, who Hester said was “someone that people don’t know much about” replaces Lindsey.

“Dustin Rose was the high school/junior high principal at Mammoth Spring before he came to us,” Hester said. “Not only has he scrimmaged as a principal before, but has also had sports and activities. Sulphur Rock, as you know, is our sports and activities campus. He loves running the sports. He loves running with the kids. What they are going to find out is what we’ve known for the last two years – he is a servant leader.”

Tina Baker moves from Academic Coach at West to become the school’s Administrative Dean.

In a surprise move, Susan Parker notified Hester on Sunday that she would retire effective immediately.

The board approved all moves unanimously.

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