The Batesville City Council will consider a resolution to allow Mayor Rick Elumbaugh to seek a grant from the Arkansas Department of Parks, Heritage and Tourism, for assistance in developing a recreation vehicle park at Kennedy Park.

The project would involve putting overhead utility lines in the area underground, and making sure the area remains clean and maintained, while at the same time, keeping the park open and available for use by the public at all reasonable times of the day and year.

The council will also consider a draft ordinance to establish standards and specifications to administer and regulate the right-of-ways and easements permits in the public interest.

The draft ordinance would require that any company doing work on the right-of-ways and easements has an address filed with the city, describing the nature, extent and location of the work, along with a start date, and end date. Contact information of the company, along with the person onsite overseeing the work will be filed with the city. Any company doing this type of work should be able to provide a certificate of authority or other acceptable evidence of authority to operate from the Arkansas Public Service Commission and or the FCC, and any other similar approvals, permits or agreements

The utility application permit fee will be $50. If the work has not begun within six month sof the date of the issuance, the permits will automatically expire.

In the event that a contractor or a utility does not have a plan for scope of work to be performed, an indemnity bond in the amount of $10,000 can be accepted for work start. Once work has started and it appears the first indemnity bond will not cover all work, a second bond will have to be secured. Once work is finished the contractor or utility will provide a detail of all road-cuts and work locations to the city to keep on file.

The draft ordinance included language for emergency situations, the effective period of the permit, cancellations, and required standards.

Equipment and machinery certification and calibrations must be current. The city reserves the right to stop all work if any piece of equipment is found to be out of compliance, especially boring, auguring, or any machine that uses instruments to guide it underground from one location to the next.

Batesville City Council will meet at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at city hall, 500 East Main.

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