A pedestrian was struck and killed on Gap Road Saturday night around 7:11 p.m.

Dickey Lloyd Harper, 61, of Batesville was driving northbound when his vehicle struck Caroline Maxine Barris, 41, of Jonesboro. Paramedics arrived on scene at 7:12 and police arrived on scene at 7:13 p.m.

In the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Crash Report narrative, Harper told Batesville Police Officer Kyle Herring that he was driving northbound on Gap Road in a 2006 Chevorlet Silverado pickup when he hit something. “He thought a deer might have run into the side of his truck.” Harper said when he got out of his truck to see what he hit, he heard someone screaming. He got his flashlight and saw Barris laying in the ditch and he called police.

Herring and Officer Melissa Wilkey went to the house near the incident and spoke with Tina Stien who told officers she was smoking a cigarette in her garage four minutes earlier when she heard a vehicle slow down on Gap Road and someone yelled “Get out of the f*cking road.”

She went inside and then, per the report narrative, about four minutes later “...someone started knocking on her door yelling ‘Call 911, a lady has been hit and is laying in the ditch.’”

After examining the scene, officers determined there were no visible marks that the truck left the roadway. Officers then marked off Barris's personal items which were scattered in the ditch.

There were no signs Harper was under the influence and he submitted to a blood draw for confirmation. A blood sample was taken from Burris by the coroner. All evidence gathered was sent to the state crime lab.

Sara Duris is community information liaison of Region IV Area Agency on Aging in Southwest Michigan. Questions on age or independence services? Call the Info-Line for Aging & Disability at 800-654-2810 or visit www.areaagencyonaging.org. The Generations column appears each Saturday in The Herald-Palladium.

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