The Pleasant Plains City Council

The Pleasant Plains City Council. Seated, from left, Pam Anderson, recorder / treasurer Fayla Henderson who administered the oath, and Ruth Quintana. Standing, from left, Dr. Caleb Bracket, Logan Foster, David Foster and Mayor Kenneth Burns.

The city of Pleasant Plains recently passed the required ordinances to establish a police department consisting of a chief, Bradford Freeman, one full-time officer, and two reserve officers.

“We’ve been offered a lot of help from agencies around the state, along with the county,” said Kenneth Burns, mayor of Pleasant Plains.

As the town has been growing over the past several years, the city has been acquiring the necessary equipment to equip the officers including two police vehicles, a truck and a cruiser. The city also had to adopt a binder full of policies from the Chiefs of Police Association. These policies outline things such as officer conduct, use of force, vehicle pursuits, critical incident reporting, and officer conduct. The city also created a budget for the police department funded with a citywide sales tax.

The police will patrol the town and fire district, roughly an area from the rest stop on Hwy. 167 to the old Dairy Bar location, and Wish Street to the Major Harris Mountain area. There will also be an office at city hall.

If all goes as planned, the new police department will be established in March by the Arkansas Department of Public Safety.

“We want to be sure when we walk in there, we have all our ducks in a row,” Burns said.

Previously an Independence County Sheriff’s Deputy patrolled the town, but that arrangement didn’t work out.

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