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i tried to follow your instructions and would not take my email account. says it already exists....yeah, it exists, is mine and the one i have been using for the last 27 years. i am tired of this stuff. the newspaper is not worth reading anymore cause you read the same thing over and over and over. not much news at all in it.

i want to unsubscribe from the website. i will not miss anything for sure...


are you considering any other payment methods like PayPal? I don't know anything about the methods you use to store information and am not comfortable with you sitting there with my debit card information. My bank made it clear to me that if someone has that and puts in a transaction, it's DONE - I can't get refunded, stop payment or anything else so if you had a breach, it would be on ME!


I tried your suggestions and they didn't work for me. I still cannot access the online version of the Guard. I also called and didn't get an answer. What do I do now? Now that you have a new website, will you please make the Archives accessible to online users? That is an invaluable resource for those of us who research local history.

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