According to an affidavit that was ordered unsealed earlier this week, William Alma Miller has confessed to the murder of Rebekah Gould.

Judge Tim Weaver ordered the affidavit regarding Miller’s confession to be unsealed on Wednesday according to court documents.

Miller, 44, was arrested in Eugene, Oregon in November.

According to the affidavit written by Arkansas State Police Special Agent Mike McNeill, Miller was interviewed on Nov. 7 after his arrest.

After being advised of his Miranda rights, Miller said on the morning of Sept. 24, “he drove to the McCullough residence where he concealed his chevy S-10 pickup truck in a field behind the McCullough residence.”

Miller told police that he then approached the residencen, knocked on the front door, and that Gould “let him inside so he could use the phone.”

Miller told police that while he was pretending to use the phone Gould went back to her bedroom to go to bed.

Miller said when Gould went back to her bedroom he “retrieved a piano leg from a piano that was located in the living room,” entered the bedroom and began to strike her multiple times with the piano leg.

Miller then stated that he ”wrapped her in a blanket and placed her in the bed of his truck,” and then dumped the body along a two lane highway a few miles outside of Melbourne.

Authorities said her body was discovered 16 years ago on a hillside off Highway 9, just south of Melbourne.

Miller was arrested by a special agent with the Arkansas State Police after authorities learned he’d returned home “following an extended stay in the Philippines.”

Gould was reported missing by family in September 2004 a few days before her body was found off Highway 9. The 22-year-old woman’s body was recovered on Sept. 27, 2004, following a community-based search in Melbourne and across Izard County.

After the woman’s body was recovered, Izard County law enforcement requested ASP take over the investigation. The ASP was asked “while the search was underway” to take over the Gould investigation.

Police said Miller lived in Texas when he visited Izard County and reportedly killed Gould.

“Special agents of the Criminal Investigation Division have devoted hundreds of hours to the case which was never classified as a cold case,” ASP officials said in a news release in November.

ASP Director Col. Bill Bryant said in November this case was never considered a cold case and that investigators have worked diligently to find Gould’s killer.

“The special agents assigned to this case never abandoned any hope of finding the necessary evidence and facts to lead them to a suspect and an arrest,” he said. “This case is a testament to the Criminal Investigation Division and the devotion the special agents assigned to the division possess in helping police and sheriff’s departments across Arkansas with their toughest cases.”

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