Modifications for Mildland

The Midland School District plans minor plumbing renovations for the pre-K program at Building One, and demolish the old administration building to build a large playground.

Midland School District will be moving it’s pre-K program from the campus in Floral, eight miles west of town, to the main campus. The move should make it more convenient for parents to drop off their children, without having to make a special trip to Floral for their pre-K learners.

“Our plan is to move those three classes to this campus,” said Dr. Bruce Bryant.

The district has about $100,000 budgeted for the project.

After the spring semester ends, the district will start minor plumbing renovations to Building One and demolish the old administration building. This will give the teachers at the Floral campus time to pack up their classrooms. Additionally, a new, large playground will be built at the old administration building site. In July, when the renovation is complete, teachers will be able to move in and set up their classrooms.

Bryant said the district has no concrete plans just yet on what to do with the Floral campus.

“I would hope everyone would see the benefits of this for our students,” Bryant said.

Janet Canard is retiring from the district after 40 years of service and Jessica Gilmere will be wearing two-hats as both the district’s pre-K and special education director.

The pre-K program at Midland already scores high on the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS), Bryant pointed out.

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