On New Year’s Day, Independence County Sheriff Office deputies responded to 6 Sherrill Drive in reference to someone calling 911 and advising dispatch “he was hurt and someone was trying to kill him.”

When deputies arrived, a man at the residence, later identified as Ricoa Moorehead, 34, pointed to a pile of clothing and stated that someone hid an object there. Deputies looked through the pile of laundry and did not find anything. Three other adults in the residence were questioned and it was determined nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Moorehead called 9-1-1 two more times. Deputies returned to the residence and questioned him again.

According to the incident report, deputies “asked Rico to step outside and tried to speak to him there away from everyone else, and again he was talking about things and people inside of the residence. When I spoke to Rico, he made no sense in his answers. It was determined a second time that nothing had happened at the residence, Rico was advised that he was under arrest and he stated that he had a pistol in his front pocket.”

Moorehead was restrained and deputies took possession of the pistol, a semi-automatic Cobra .380 with two rounds. Nothing else was located on his person at the time of the search. During processing at the detention center, jailers found a folded dollar bill with a white powder inside that spilled out onto the jailer.

Sheriff Shawn Stephens arrived and tested the white powder with a Nartec field kit. The substance tested positive for methamphetamine. Moorehead is being charged with misdemeanor communicating a false alarm, and felony possession of methamphetamine more than 2 grams, but less than 10 grams, and furnishing prohibited articles.

Moorehead also had felony warrants out of Mississippi.

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