While conducting sex offender compliance checks Friday, Sheriff Shawn Stephens got behind a vehicle when it crossed the yellow line and turned onto Rounds Road. Stephens activated his emergency blue lights and the vehicle stopped on Rounds Road. According to the incident report, as Stephens approached, he saw the driver, later identified as Josh Henry, 40, of Newport, throw something on the passenger’s side floor board.

Stephens then saw the passenger, identified as Trinity Callicutt, 20, of Oxford, moving her feet back and forth as an effort to grind something up in the floor mat.

Callicutt was removed from the vehicle and detained. There was an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, and she had been sitting on a black zipped bag.

Inside the black bag were two plastic baggies containing a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine. One baggie weighed 46.5 grams and the other package weighed 28.3 grams, with a combined estimated value of $2,400.

There was also a package with a marijuana leaf on it that was still sealed containing a substance inside that would be consistent with a vegetable substance. It weighed 5.9 grams.

There were also several pills inside.

There were blue round pills and four pieces that were wrapped up in a $1 bill, that have been identified as Diazapam. These round pills have several imperfections on them that would be consistent with being made in a home-made pill press. There were seven bars and three pieces that have been identified as Aprazolam. There are 10 other pills that did not have markings and have not been identified at this time.

Both were taken into custody and transported to the county jail for formal charges to be filed. Before Callicutt was placed in a vehicle to be transported, she handed Sheriff Stephens a piece of tissue and stated she did not want to carry it to jail. The tissue was taken and more crystalline substance was inside it, that weighed less than .5 grams.

Also in the vehicle was a one glass smoking pipe with residue, five syringes, one bent spoon, and $1,080 in cash. Callicutt is being charged with possession of meth or cocaine with intent to deliver, more than ten but less than 200 grams, a felony; possession of drug paraphernalia, felony; possession of Schedule 6 drug, less than 4 ounces, misdemeanor; and possession of a Schedule 4 drug, less than two grams Bond has not been set yet.

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