According to a report filed on Jan. 3, Narcotics Investigator Dillon Sallas was dispatched to a call at College Heights Apartments, and while he was in the hallway of the second floor he observed a male subject attempting to open multiple doors to multiple apartments.

The subject appeared to be under the influence of some sort of substance due to his slowed, delayed movements and struggling to stand up right, and at this time Sallas made contact with the male subject.

Sallas asked the subject if he lived in the apartment complex, and he stated that he did live there, but failed to answer when Sillas asked which apartment he lived in, and seemed confused.

At this point, Sallas became aware that the subject's name was Joseph Swik and when that name was run through dispatch, Sallas learned that he was a felony probationer and had a search waiver on file.

Sallas searched Swik and located a glass smoking device common with those used to ingest methamphetamine and was placed under arrest and transported to the Independence County Jail.

Speeder busted for drugs

NEWARK -- Arkansas State Police Corporal Jeremy Hughes was on patrol January 7 and was on patrol traveling southbound on State Highway 69, south of the power plant in Newark, when he observed a northbound Chevrolet Uplander approaching him at a speed that appeared to exceed the posted speed limit of 55 miles per hour.

Hughes then activated the front radar in his patrol unit and received a reading of 67 miles per hour.

According to the filed report, Hughes stopped the vehicle and found Thomas E. Layton, Jr. to be the driver and only occupant, and after speaking with Layton, Hughes could smell an odor of what he recognized to be as marijuana.

Hughes conducted a search of the vehicle and located the following items inside:

• One purple plastic box containing a white crystalline substance having the appearance of crystal methamphetamine and a green vegetable material (GVM) having the odor and appearance of marijuana.

• One clear plastic bag containing additional GVM having the odor and appearance of marijuana.

• One metal cylinder containing two white rectangular tablets imprinted G372 2, consistent with alprazolam, and one blue round pill imprinted with C1, consistent with clonazepam.

• One glass smoking pipe containing white and burnt residue, with a blue rubber tube attached, consistent with pipes commonly used for smoking methamphetamine.

Layton was arrested and transported to the Independence County Jail, and during the jail intake process, an officer located, concealed on Layton's person, one additional clear plastic bag of GVM having the odor and appearance of marijuana.

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