The city of Batesville's tree board met last week to address the removal of trees from the municipal golf course.

According to the minutes of the meeting, most of the trees that will be removed will be pine, and out of the 500 trees on the 35 acre golf course, 200 are marked to be cut down.

Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Owens requested that they be removed because "they are impeding the growth of grass important to the golf course" and plans to "eventually replace them with NON-pine trees as time and money allow."

Owens told the members of the board that the bordering residents near the course have been notified and assured the board that they were "all in agreement of the trees' removal." Owens stated that he wants to remove the trees due to them blocking sunlight, taking too much water or are posing a danger to visitors and passing motorists.

Board member Julia Nail brought up a possible issue with drainage caused by the Batesville high school's recent landscaping work and Owens reassured her that the "issue had been addressed and dealt with by the school, and that the removal of the chosen trees would have no effect on the water drainage in that area."

Board member Kenny Smothers asked how the trees were going to be removed, and Owens stated that "a professional lumber company was going to come in and take down the trees", but when asked what company was being used Owens couldn't recall the name of the company.

Smothers suggested that the trees needed to be marked again, one at eye level and again at ground level to which Owens agreed to do so.

Board member James Wallace called for a motion to allow the removal of the marked trees, board member Johnathan Abbott made the motion and Nail seconded it.

At this time, Smothers asked that an addition to the motion be made that no more than half the total trees on the course be removed to prevent the wind force from becoming a danger to the remaining trees. The motion was amended and accepted.

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