By the time students reach graduation day, many have taken hundreds of tests, written scores of essays, worked through thousands of pencils, and made dozens of friends along the way. Such realities only underscore the notion that graduation is worthy of celebration.

Though not everyone may be able to gather this year for a blow-out graduation party, thoughtful gifts can show graduates their accomplishments have not gone unnoticed.

In the Main Street Batesville office there are historic Christmas ornaments and T-shirts with Batesville branding. Another stop could be the Batesville Chamber of Commerce, they have T-shirts, as well as tumblers, and an Independence County coffee table book with color photos from around the region.

Beneath the Willow carries a variety of gifts that could be wistful reminders of rural life like a delicious scented candle or a companionable crow decoration. If whimsical is more the thing, visit Maxfield Exchange to get something vintage. Maybe a lamp or camping gear.

Other ideas include:

Blankets: Either with school colors or quilts that remind them of home.

Luggage: Whether students intend to take a gap year before college or enjoy a summer break before looking for their first job out of school, young adults will always get use out of a set of luggage or a carry-on bag.

Dorm room essentials: Graduates going on to college will need a starter pack of essentials. A personalized tote bag filled with toiletries, linens and more will help graduates outfit their dorm rooms in style.

Antique books, photo frames, globes, watches, compasses: Finding one’s new direction will take time, and a symbolic compass with inspirational words can help guide graduates on their future quests.

Gifts for grads evolve throughout the years, but many gifts have withstood the test of time.

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