Batesville Mayor Rick Elumbaugh confirmed Friday afternoon that he and wife, Margaret, have tested positive for COVID-19, but both are doing better.

“Actually recovering from Covid,” Elumbaugh said via text message late Friday afternoon.

He said he and Margaret tested positive on New Year’s Eve after the couple moved daughter Maisie from Fayetteville to Rogers.

“We both had congestion with a dry cough,” Elumbaugh said. “Basically we both thought it was a sinus infection.”

But on New Year’s Eve, Elumbaugh said both “lost taste and smell and decided to get tested.”

“I came back positive and wife negative from a rapid test, Elumbaugh said.

The test that was sent in for Margaret was what came back positive for her.

Elumbaugh said he had an infusion on New Year’s Day and symptoms started to subside.

“Still don’t fully have smell back but feeling good and will be back in the office on Monday,” Elumbaugh said.

Elumbaugh said he has been working from home.

“The majority of my meetings since March have been on Zoom,” he said.

Where does Elumbaugh think he got it?

“We have no idea, but always wore mask when out,” Elumbaugh said. “Of course, my wife teaches so who knows.”

Maisie also tested positive a few days later.

“I still strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask, and when the vaccine is available to get vaccinated. This will be the only way we will be able to get our city back to normalcy.”

Batesville Police Chief Alan Cockrill tested positive for COVID-19 in early December.

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