Billy Jack Wilson


A traffic stop on Highway 167 near Pleasant Plains put a Batesville man in jail and yielded authorities with a bounty of drugs, some cash and a stolen weapon.

Billy Jack Wilson, 45, was pulled over on Wednesday by state police going northbound.

State Trooper Michael Woodward and Independence County Sheriff Shawn Stephens came in contact with on a traffic stop for driving “at a high rate of speed.”

In his report, Woodward said as he was approaching Wilson’s car, he observed Wilson “place his left hand out of the driver’s window of his car and throw a large plastic bag containing a white substance towards the front of his car and landing in the ditch of the highway.”

He and Stephens then approached the vehicle and ordered Wilson out of his car, at which time Wilson complied. S

Stephens found the plastic bag that Wilson threw from his vehicle. The report states that Stephens observed the bag contained “a large amount of methamphetamine.”

That’s when Wilson, who is a parolee with a search waiver on file, was placed under arrest

A search of Wilson’s vehicle was then conducted. During the search, two plastic baggies each containing methamphetamine were located lying on the passenger seat. according to the report.

Authorities said plastic baggies and multiple syringes were located lying on the passenger seat of Wilson’s car. Woodward then transported Wilson the 16th Judicial District Drug Task Force office in Batesville.

DTF Special Agent Jonny Byler conducted an interview with Wilson who stated he had an “8 ball” (3.5 grams) of methamphetamine at his house on 80 Edger Road, which he confirmed as his residence.

During a search of Wilson’s home authorities located a Taurus 9MM handgun lying under the couch cushion.

A toolbox where Wilson said “that’s where I keep my dope,” was also found containing “four plastic baggies each containing methamphetamine, one set of digital scales and multiple plastic baggies,” as well as “a dark in color cloth bag lying under the couch.”

According to the affidavit, there were “multiple plastic baggies, containing a large amount of marijuana” as well as four Tupperware containers, each containing “a large amount of marijuana.”

After claiming the gun belonged to his daughter, authorities discovered the gun was reported stolen out of Saline County.

The amount of methamphetamine found equaled 594 grams (1.5 pounds) of Methamphetamine with a street value of $30,000, 600 grams of Marijuana with a street value of $18,000, as well as the stolen hand gun, and $565 dollars cash.

Wilson is charged with a pair of Class Y felonies including trafficking and possession of drugs and a firearm.

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