In Arkansas at least 2,425 people won’t be having Thanksgiving with their families, because they’ve died from COVID-19.

During the governor’s weekly COVID-19 update Tuesday, Arkansas Surgeon General Jose Romero cautioned residents continuing various holiday traditions by gathering together.

“We have the potential to overload our healthcare system if we do not act appropriately,” Romero said.

Hutchinson explained that it’s not unusual for intensive care unit wards to be full all the time.

“It’s important to know It’s not unusual for ICU beds to be occupied at a very high level. They want them there, because it’s an efficient utilization of resources, because they are expensive to maintain if they’re empty, and so, that’s not unusual in non-COVID times,” Hutchinson said.

The Arkansas Department of Health reported there are 164 active cases of COVID-19 in the county. Of those, 92 are confirmed with 72 probable cases. There’s been a cumulative total of 1,996 in the county, with 1,537 confirmed cases and 459 probable cases since the pandemic began. There are 61 confirmed deaths linked to the virus.

Wood-lawn Heights has one COVID-19 positive resident, and four COVID-19 positive staff in testing done Thursday, Nov. 19. Eagle Mountain Assisted Living has two COVID-19 positive staff in testing done Sunday, Nov. 15. No other area nursing homes were listed in the Arkansas Department of Health’s Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility report posted Monday, Nov. 23.

ADH reported Wednesday that 1,028 people are hospitalized with the illness. The Wednesday report added 1,965 new cases for a total of 17,057 active cases.

Troy Wells, president and CEO of Baptist Health in Little Rock spoke at the briefing and said they will be adding an additional 21 critical care beds to it’s Little Rock campus in January.

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