The Cushman city council will have a comprehensive report from the water board on May 3. Earlier this year the city council decided to give the water board $5,000 to spend without council approval for repairs to the water system and temporarily shut down the water filter plant through June 30.

The city’s new engineer, Wayne Menley, said the control system at the water filtration plant is not as reliable as it needs to be. He is also conducting a water rate study to make sure utility revenues are sufficient for the repairs and maintenance needed for the water system.

Mayor Brittany Hurley is working with the White River Planning and Development District to apply for grants to help with funding repairs.

So far ClearWater Utilities has found 12 leaks and made eight repairs. One particular leak at the south of town was leaking four gallons of water per minute. The utility firm is continuing to track down leaks and repairs in the city’s water system.

Additionally, the 12 leaks at the gymnasium have been fixed and council members agreed to reopening the building with only cold water for handwashing. Repairs at the gym have so far totaled $1,746.90.

In other city business, the city is waiting on a court date for the annexation of Dollar General store. The city will also terminate its contracts with Triple C Security and Verizon wireless, saving the city over $200 a month. The city is also looking at selling a surplus, refurbished traffic radar system.

Hurley proposed selling the city’s backhoe and dump-truck but council members chose not to take the motion up at this time. Hurley advised the council Bethesda Wireless is on schedule at this time to provide better wireless connectivity in the area.

Additionally, the city’s new law enforcement entity, Deputy Brent Ward, is making his presence known. As of Thursday night’s city council meeting he had issued 11 warnings to motorists.

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