As cases of COVID-19 mount at Cedar Ridge, the school district decided on Tuesday to convert the entire school to virtual learning.

“The decision to switch to virtual instruction is not an easy decision,” Cedar Ridge Superintendent Sherry McMasters said in a post on the district’s Facebook page. “However, it is the best option for our students at this time.”

After three cases were reported over the weekend, five more have been reported on Tuesday morning.

The district also reported that “several High School faculty have been identified as probable close contacts (PCC) with COVID positive individual(s).”

Due to the lack of substitute teachers during the PCC quarantine, the high school will pivot to virtual instruction for the remainder of the week. Data will be reviewed throughout the week to determine plans for the week of Sept. 14-18.

Also, all athletic events have been cancelled until Sept. 18.

The district also posted that individuals identified as a probable close contact must remain quarantined for the full 14 days from the last contact with the infected person, regardless of a negative COVID test result.

Wireless hot spots for virtual instruction are located at Oil Trough City Hall, Thida General Store, the old Cord-Charlotte Health Clinic, Cord Baptist Church, Magness Church of Christ, Cedar Ridge Elementary parking lot and Cedar Ridge High School parking lot.

The Cedar Ridge School Cafeteria will prepare meals for Cedar Ridge students. Parents and guardians of Cedar Ridge students should call the high school or elementary office before 8:30 a.m. to order meals. Please provide the following information when calling:

Name of students

Name of person picking up the food

Number of days they want meals

Which pickup location

Meal pickup locations include the Oil Trough City Hall, Thida General Store, Cord Baptist Church, the old Cord-Charlotte Health Center and Cedar Ridge High School Cafeteria.

There will be no door-to-door deliveries.

It was Friday night that McMasters said she got the call from elementary principal Kathy Magness at approximately 8:41 p.m. of the first positive case.

Two more were reported since.

Earlier Tuesday morning, McMasters posted on the district’s Facebook page that approximately 40 individuals, including teachers and students, were tested on the CRE campus on Monday.

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