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Batesville Police Chief Alan Cockrill spoke via telephone to the Batesville Daily Guard regarding statements made by the family of James Gilfedder, the Lyon College baseball player that was found dead in a dorm room on Saturday.

Cockrill told the Batesville Daily Guard that his investigators “saw no sign of foul play at this time,” and that they were waiting on autopsy results and the results of toxicology reports.

“Until we get those back, we don’t know what happened,” Cockrill said.

Cockrill did add that all parties involved including Lyon College, the baseball team and the three persons of interest were all being cooperative with his investigation.

James and Nikki Gilfedder, the parents of the victim, spoke in an interview with KATV that aired on Thursday night.

“Somebody did something. Somebody hurt him. Somebody killed him,” Nikki Gilfedder told the Little Rock TV station. “He only drank a fifth of vodka; that would not kill my son.”

Cockrill’s original statement of the incident said that the body of the incoming freshman baseball player was found at 12:38 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

“It was determined that Mr. Gilfedder had attended a party off campus at a residence on Boles Street owned by Huffmania Ventures LLC,” Cockrill said. “Further investigation revealed that Huffmania Ventures LLC is partially owned by a baseball coach at Lyon College and all the renters are baseball players at Lyon College.”

The victim’s father also told KATV that he believed the incident was a hazing incident.

“Yes, I think it was an initiation that went out of control,” he said. “Somebody had a lot of hate or something because from what we have seen no one should have ever went through that, no one.”

“When people finally see and hear about this evidence this town is going to be furious and disgusted,” Gilfedder said.

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