A warrant has been issued by the 17th Judicial District for a Batesville man in relation to an incident on Jan. 11 in White County.

Terry Michael White is facing three drug related charges, all felonies, fleeing in a vehicle causing danger, also a felony and battery in the second degree, a class D felony. White is scheduled to be in White County Circuit Court March 2 for his plea and arraignment hearing. White is not on the current jail roster.

In an affidavit written by Arkansas State Trooper Andrew Lay, it states that on Jan. 11 at approximately 5:47 p.m. he initiated a traffic stop on a 2020 Dodge Caravan for expired tags on Ralph Reed St., just north of Hastings Rd. The driver was identified by an Arkansas ID Card as Terry Michael White. After a check it was found that White had a suspended driver’s license with “multiple prior aggravated felonies and narcotics violations.” The passenger with White reportedly had an active warrant.

Lay called for a K-9 unit from the White County Sheriff’s Office. White was removed from the driver seat and reportedly was “highly agitated.” Lay wrote that when he went to unbuckle White’s seatbelt, White slammed the vehicle’s gear shift down and “rapidly accelerated, causing the rear tires to lose traction.”

Lay wrote that he [Lay] was caught in the driver’s compartment between the door and White for approximately 10-15 feet. Lay “turned out of the vehicle, avoiding further contact with the suspect vehicle and then fell to the ground on his left side while running.”

Lay got back into his patrol vehicle and initiated a pursuit. White allegedly reached speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour on the two-lane county road. The suspect vehicle reportedly swerved rapidly from side to side and in doing so took up both lanes of traffic. It was noted that the vehicle “slowed rapidly” as it got close to Highway 13. The rear passenger, reportedly fled from the vehicle and into a field at this time. White reportedly continued for approximately 10 to 15 feet and then fled from the driver’s seat. He left the car in drive, it was stated. “The vehicle coasted towards the intersection and collided with a wire fence.” Lay deployed his taser while pursuing White on foot. White was taken into custody and treated for cuts.

When Lay was doing inventory on the suspect vehicle, he wrote that he found a black box that smelled of marijuana in the driver’s floorboard which reportedly would have been at White’s feet. The vehicle owner said the box belonged to White, the trooper wrote. During an interview at the Searcy ASP [Arkansas State Police] office, the juvenile allegedly stated under Miranda that he and White had been dealing methamphetamines out of the box. The juvenile reportedly gave authorities the combination to the box. When opened, multiple “contraband” items were found. A clear baggie that contained approximately 2.4 grams of an “off white crystalline substance” was found along with another clear baggie containing approximately 1.5 grams of the same looking substance. Two glass pipes were found, a spoon containing crystalline residue and 29 baggies were also found. Lay wrote that these items were consistent with the sale and distribution of methamphetamines. The suspected items were sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for analysis to see if they were drugs.

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