Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Independence County held its Banquet of Roses Saturday to recognize Rose Honorees, Troy Dixon and Freda Sanders for their outstanding commitment to family and community.

Special guests joining this event included Senator James Sturch, Representative Stu Smith, National Women of Achievement winner Lawrie Music, Dr. Ashley Buchman, ASU, author Latasha Wakefield Robinson of Newport, and Kung Fu Panda “PO.”

First Community Bank’s presented Dixon, owner and operator of Scissors and Clippers Barber Shop, with a dozen roses, a commemorative plaque, and a gift. Dixon shows reverence and love for his hometown through his generosity by giving back to the people in his community. Working in collaboration with other barbers, he gives back-to-school haircuts free of charge to families in need. His business also takes donations of backpacks and various school supplies to pass out at the annual event, accepts monetary donations, and puts leftover funds towards student lunch charges.

National Women of Achievement Queen, Lawrie Music presented Freda Sanders, of Parents as Teachers, as a home visitor with a dozen roses, a commemorative plaque, and a gift. Sanders is known for her caring spirit and working long hours to help those who need it most. Sanders provides guidance and resources to parents to teach their children fundamentals and other skill sets before heading into kindergarten. She helps guide those in need with resources for housing, clothing, and food for their children and families. Sanders also advocates for foster care and fostering to adopt programs. Sanders’s commitment to helping the families and communities within Independence County is greatly appreciated by all. We are happy to commemorate and honor Sanders’s dedication to the community and family.

ASPSF volunteers Kandace Sherman, Jessica Marks, Renee Meeler, Haley Pitts, Amy Foree, Rena Kelley, Sarann Hankins, Wallisa Brown, Ashley Buchman, Latasha Robinson, Lawrie Music, and Ercenia Strickland from Independence, Stone, Cleburne, and Jackson County joined together to award summer scholarships to the following Independence County recipients: Asha Jones, Tiffany Traw, Tracy Gammill, Amy Brock, Mercedes Magness, Alesondria Scales. The following Jackson County recipients were also awarded: Melissa Harp, Sara Hill, and Meghan Smith.

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