Jonas Anderson


As cities all over Arkansas including Cushman recover from the brutality of the week's winter weather, Cave City has been working hard to keep their head above water, so to speak.

While Cave City mayor Jonas Anderson says his city in "good shape thanks to the incredible work of Jim Smith and Payton Wooldridge these past few days and nights," there were challenges.

Anderson said over the past couple of days the city's water and sewer team has been battling a lot of customer water leaks, which requires shutting off meters until they have the chance to repair them.

"Our guys have really gone above and beyond to keep our wells flowing and our tanks full, despite some really difficult circumstances," Anderson said.

Anderson added that as of Friday night, the city looks "to be rounding the corner on the worst of it, and the sunshine has certainly been a welcome relief."

"I just cannot commend our city team enough," Anderson said. "Everyone has pulled together and gotten us through quite an ordeal this week."

That ordeal included unprecedented snowfall and freezing termperatures as well as a greater demand for water and energy use. 

The worst appears to be over as temperatures are expected to climb into the 60's early Monday or Tuesday.

Anderson commended the work specifically of Jim Smith and Payton Wooldridge.

Smith has been the Sewer Superintendent for the past 30 years while Wooldridge serves as Water Superintendent.

"They have worked very hard, day and night, to keep us ahead of the weather and issues," Anderson said. 

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