Air Duster inahalant leads to arrest


Independence County Deputy Adam McGilton was dispatched to Custom Craft Poultry on Jan. 10 in reference to a woman passed out from inhaling air duster.

Deputy Casey Martin advised McGilton that he would be en route along with Vital Link who checked the female identified as Mikaila Murphy and she refused to be transported to White River Medical Center.

McGilton spoke to Murphy and asked if she had been inhaling air duster to which Murphy stated "no," although McGilton stated that he could tell she was not being honest with him. McGilton explained that inhaling air duster could kill her and she said that she knew that already.

After speaking to Murphy, McGilton spoke with the second shift manager of Custom Craft Poultry, Gregory Clark who said he was notified that a lady was passed out in the bathroom floor. Clark stated that he had a female employee check the bathroom, and they "found Murphy lying on the floor nude, passed out and with a can of air duster beside her on the floor." The two employees covered Murphy up and proceeded to call 911.

Another employee named Catherine Jones stated that she went into the bathroom and noticed Murphy on the floor and asked if she was ok and Murphy "mumbled some words and sat up in the stall. Then Jones stated that she could hear a spraying sound coming from an aerosol can, and Murphy passed out again. Jones tried to wake her up again, and Murphy woke up and "began to use inappropriate language with her" and was told to leave.

While McGilton was interviewing employees, Martin interviewed Murphy who was advised her that if she continued to lie about the use of air duster as an inhalant, it would not be any better for her. Murphy admitted that she had a problem and stated, "at least it wasn't heroin" and was placed under arrest for public intoxication and sent to the Independence County Jail.

Woman Arrested

Where: Custom Craft Poultry

When: Jan. 10

Result: Charged with Public Intoxication

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