Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge recently hosted the 2021 Law Enforcement Summit at the Benton Event Center. Nearly 300 law enforcement personnel from across the State attended the 19th annual summit and heard from experts on recent issues facing the law enforcement community, including de-escalation, intervention and recognizing force mitigation opportunities.

“In Arkansas, we don’t defund the police, we defend the police,” Rutledge said.

“As Chief Law Enforcement Officer, I will take every opportunity to invest in our men and women in blue and honor these brave heroes for what they do every day to protect our state,” she added

The summit presentations were given by Lieutenant Jim Glennon, the director of training and owner of Calibre Press. Lt. Glennons presentations focused on de-escalation, keys to de-escalating effectively, introduction to what is the meaning of Force Mitigation Opportunities and the concept and practice of intervention. Bob McMahan, Arkansas’s Prosecutor Coordinator updated participants on legislative issues that impact law enforcement in the state.

“Communication is the most important of all skills for those in the public safety profession,” Glennon said.

“We must communicate these skills to deescalate situations to protect citizens and our fellow officers and I appreciate Attorney General Rutledge for giving us a space to continue this crucial training for our men and women in law enforcement.”

Rutledge will honor the 2021 Arkansas Officer of the Year, Region Officer of the Year, and County Officer of the year at a luncheon on Jan. 13, 2022 at the Benton Event Center.

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