For years I’ve wished that I could describe my first really close encounter with God, but it must be experienced to be understood. Of course, all of life is living, moving and existing in God. He is near every moment, omnipresent, but each of us will have a time of one-on-one communication with Him when He will call us to Him through His Son Jesus, offer us faith-giving knowledge of Him and the blessing of salvation. I’m trying to partially explain my experience to give glory to God and to encourage you to receive this wonderful relationship with Him.

I was fifteen when God came to me in special communion. I was, and still am, so amazed that I knew God was speaking to me, speaking in my heart and mind. The God of the universe speaking to me?! He has the ability to make a person know Him and hear Him. You have to know some things for yourself so the preacher’s necessary efforts or others’ testimonies stop at this point. It’s left up to you and God. He does His work and you must respond.

I was raised in a Bible-believing church and believed what they believed in my intellect. I had nothing against the church but was headed away from it. Then I had my own experience in God. He led me to faith that saves. When God introduced Himself to me, I was so impressed with Him that I have not needed human persuasion of His reality since. That’s not to say that I don’t need encouragement and fellowship with other believers. I do and we are commanded to assemble in fellowship, but I know God for myself and that’s powerful! I want you to know Him.

The relationship is wonderful! That doesn’t say that life is all roses and no thorns. We fight in a war between good and evil, some in outward persecution and some inside of us. Humans exist in two parts described in Romans 7:14-8:10. The carnal mind is in enmity with God, but the believing mind chooses God and walks in the Spirit with power over carnality. “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace” (Romans 8:6). We must and can defeat sin and that victory gives great joy. Christ came to condemn sin and remove condemnation of sin from those who walk with Him. He did this by taking our sins upon Himself and dying for those sins.

How can I describe an experience with God? Just His Presence is so good and causes us to trust Him but only in eternity will we fully realize the benefits. Knowing the truth frees us. Faith in Jesus takes away sin’s shame. There is forgiveness and ability to forgive, healing for body and soul, love for God and man. Hope in Him is a great treasure. A loved one who left his past for life in Christ said, “I can dream again.” It’s all so good! Believers are wealthy heirs of God in Christ, eternally saved by calling on His name. Hear. Believe. Repent. Receive this glorious, joyous experience in Christ!

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