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Bond set at $1 million in lovers triangle shooting


One man is dead and another is in jail for felony first-degree murder as the result of a lover's triangle that ended in a shooting on Monday morning, according to a court affidavit filed by Detective Zach Rawlins with the Independence County Sheriff's Department.

Around 7:20 a.m. deputies were dispatched to 1265 Locust St. in Newark regarding a shooting and after speaking with witnesses, Jammie Venable and Dusty Reed, they took 33-year-old John Goodman of Newark into custody for the shooting death of Steven Reed, 27, of Newport. Venable and Dusty Reed were later interviewed by detectives at the sheriff's department where they gave collaborating stories of what happened, according to Rawlins.

"Jammie Venable described a dating relationship with both the suspect (Goodman) and the victim (Steven Reed)," Rawlins said. "The relationship with John was a past relationship that produced a child. After ending the relationship, Jammie started a new one with Steven. Due to some physical abuse in the new relationship with Steven, Jammie turned to John for a place to stay. "On the morning of July 9, 2018, Jammie advised that Steven had arrived with Dusty Reed (his sister-in-law) to pick up Jammie and her belongings. Finding this out, Jammie said John made the statement, 'It's me or him.' John was then quoted as saying, 'I'll shoot him or myself', while obtaining a firearm from his bedroom," Rawlins said.

Reed knocked on the door and Goodman allegedly told him to enter, at which point "Jammie witnessed John begin shooting Steven with a black pistol," according to Rawlins.

Dusty Reed, who was outside in her vehicle at the time, said she had driven Steven Reed to Goodman's residence to pick up Venable, but he was nervous about going to the door and asked if she would go knock on the door for him.

"Not willing to do so, Dusty advised that Steven went to the door and knocked," Rawlins said. "Dusty advised that she heard someone in the house say 'Door's open' or 'Come in.' After hearing this, Dusty advised that Steven opens the door and steps in. Immediately after stepping in, Dusty advises she hears gun shots ring out. "After the shooting stopped, Dusty witnessed John exit the front door with a firearm. Dusty claimed that John was at this time concerned with locating his dog that had run from the home after the shooting."

Goodman, too, was interviewed at the sheriff's department where he reportedly described a bitter relationship with Venable that did not end by his choice, according to the affidavit. "John appeared to have deep feelings for Jammie and was happy to reunite with her," Rawlins said. "John described the relationship as 'You get something and it's great, and you lose it. You get something a second time and it's twice as great, and you lose it. Then you get something again and the reason you are losing it is right there.' ...

"John said that the situation was in the heat of the moment and that he could not remember most if it because of how mad and frustrated he was at the situation," Rawlins said. "John provided that was the reason he had the pistol, he was going to make Steven leave.

"John provided that he did not like Steven and that Steven had made comments about taking his girlfriend away from him in the past. After Steven knocked on the door, John advised that he said something to the effect of 'it's unlocked.' After Steven entered the home, John confirmed that he discharged his firearm towards Steven, striking him."

Rawlins said the evidence at the scene was consistent with the accounts of the two witnesses, including the fact that Steven Reed's body was laying within a few feet of the front door and there were bullet strikes were located in the nearby wall and door, which provided that he was shot standing just inside and close to the front door as he entered. Reed was also unarmed.

Rawlins said the firearm used in the shooting, a .380 caliber Hi-Point pistol, was reportedly stolen in 2016, according to information by the Butler County (Missouri) Sheriff's Department.

--from court documents