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Inmates charged with having meth in jail

Three Independence County jail inmates are facing additional charges after they reportedly brought methamphetamine into the correctional facility in late June.

According to a court affidavit filed by Independence County Sheriff's Narcotics Investigator Chris Toland, jail officials first discovered the illegal drug in the possession of inmate Andrew Deshawn Hatley, 26, of Batesville when he was being returned to his cell from his recreation time.

Bailiff and detention officer Bruce Winston said he was escorting Hatley back to the felony male housing unit and as they approached intake door number two, he noticed that Hatley moved into the corner, near a holding cell.

"As the door opened, inmate Hatley moved around the door and entered into the intake hall," Toland said. "Bailiff Winston at this point noticed some paper (envelope) in inmate Hatley's hand. Inmate Hatley was not supposed to have any form of papers or other items like this in his possession."

When Winston discovered the paper, he notified Matron Whitney Creekmore to come to his location and they opened opened the envelope after donning protective gloves. Inside the envelope they reportedly discovered a white crystal like substance and notified their superiors of the incident. The contents were field-tested and came back with a positive result for meth.

"Bailiff Winston then advised there was also a note inside the envelope when they opened it, and it stated something about 'here is 2.5 g's bro, and f you can spare some food, please send some my way'.

"There were also two other letters referring to the other subject as big brother or little brother.

"Jail administrator (Sissy) Wilson advised that there was video of inmate Hatley receiving the items from cell H4, which they advised inmate Trevor Billingsley (22, of Southside) is currently staying in," Toland said. "Inmate Billingsley also has a brother, Willy Jones, who is in the felony male housing unit. This would also confirm the letters talking about a big brother and little brother."

Toland said on the following Monday, July 2, he received the jailer's report and video of the incident, and upon review he was able to determine the envelope did come from the holding cell, but was unable to determine who in that cell handed the envelope out to Hatley.

After contacting the jail, he learned that at the time of the incident that Tyler Mason Hadley, 18, of Gatewood, Missouri, was also in that cell with Billingsley.

Bond for Hatley, Billingsley and Hadley was set at $25,000 each, and each is being charged with felony possession of a controlled substance-meth, and felony furnishing a prohibited article into a detention facility.

Billingsley is also being charged as a habitual felon, having been previously convicted of four or more felonies, in compliance with state laws.

--from court documents