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Cave City School District will resume August 13

CAVE CITY -- Cave City School District will resume classes Aug. 13.

Superintendent is Steven Green.

Administrative assistants is Kim Carter, and assistant bookkeeper is Margaret Beever. District treasurer is Lisa Albertson.

The school board members consists of Stephen Stauffer, president; Ashley Beller, vice president; Dean Hastings, secretary; and Jeff Eddy, Brandon Qualls, Wendell Saffell and Jon Hodges, members. School board meetings are usually held on the third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. in the high school library.

The number of students enrolled last year was 1,168, down from the previous year's 1,230, with 74 graduates (down from the previous year's 108).

The school has 190 employees. There are 20 bus routes with 85 percent of students being transported.

Director of the ABC preschool program is Lori Laman. Preschool employees include Jenifer May, Katie McKinney and Crystal Walling. ABC program aides are Dailyn St. John, Kerrie Corter, Lynn Chance and Stephanie Milligan.

Elementary principal is Debbie Asberry, and assistant principal is Lori Laman.

Elementary teachers are Becky Allen, fifth grade; Jackie Arnold, fifth; Sara Asberry, kindergarten; Michelle Bailey, second; Ronnie Brooks, special education; Melanie Brustrom, third; Tracy Carter, music; Misty Doughty, second; Renee Edwards, first; Sabra Estes, second; Brianne Higginbottom, third; Angela Hugg, dyslexia; Darla Holley, fifth; Charity Koch, special education; Jennifer Kunkel, kindergarten; Whitney McSpadden, fourth; Gwen Meeks, second; Jalisa Milligan, third; Cindy Parsley, first; Carlie Qualls, fifth; Renda Reynolds, music; Brent Smith, P.E.; Carrie Smith, third; Judy Smith, first; Leslee Smith, kindergarten; Krista Summers, special education; Melissa Taylor, first; Lauren Terry, fourth; Diana Templin, special education; Candice Thorne, second; Alicia Mize, kindergarten; Brooke Walling, librarian; Dana Westmoreland, fourth; Polly Wood, fourth; and Rita Wycough, counselor.

Middle school teachers are Misty Bacon, science; Alexi Cude, math/science; Regina Crouch, special education; Garrett Eoff, math; Jacob Farris, math; Jonathan Fowler, social studies; Leila Higginbottom, English; Ann Holley, gifted/talented; Carrie Johnston, counselor; Colleen Jones, dyslexia; Michelle King, career orientation; Heather Landers, librarian; Ramona Leddy, math/science; Linda Moore, keyboarding; Chastity Neal, English; Joedi Porter, English; Allen Reding, middle school athletics; Hana Smith, art; Travis Stewart, social studies; Tori Tate, math; Ed Turnbough, science; Trish Turnbough, social studies; Jay Wilkins Spanish/band; and Beth Winston, special education.

High school principal is Marc Walling, and assistant principal is Jamie King.

Teachers are Nikki Amos, Spanish; Nathaniel Ayers, English; Tara Ball, librarian; Crystal Bradley, world history; Danny Brustrom, Environmental and Spatial Technology/football; Carey Byars, television; Jeremy Cude, math; David Edwards, criminal justice; Vickie Green, counselor; Angela Goodman, special education; Brandon Haling, TV/track; David Hall, art; Kawia Higginbottom, business; Patricia Hinds, math; Ben Johnson, radio; Randy Jones, agri; Amanda Kazzee, English; Charles Kunkel, agri; Philip Landers, Career coach; Karen Miller, civics/American history; Morgan Miller, science; Kevin Nelson, football/AE; Suzanne Parsley, FCCLA; Jamie Morgan, science; Jim Summers, basketball; Geoffrey Smith, band; Pam St. John, special education; Tonya Staggs, special education; Haley Tate, English; Jamie Wooldridge, math; Kristi Wiles, special education; and Lynn Williams, science.

Special education and title aides are Pam Barnett, Teresa Barnett, Marilyn Bell, Kim Bradley, Amber Brown, Theresa Danzy, Whitney Dickey, Michelle Downing, Valerie Gann, Debbie Howell, Misty Jones, Carla McComas, Sharon Medlock, Kathy Milligan, Leslie Moody, Diane Moore, Mel Neal, Chasity Parker, Katrina Pinkston, Patricia Presley, Leanda Price, Shelly Simmons, Kristin Townsend and Denise Wooldridge.

Nurses are Rachael Rose and Beka Smith.

Food service personnel are director Elaine Nix, Ellen Burns, Teresa Brown, Bonnie Byrd, Tammy Fronteras, Candice Herrin, Toni Melton, Robin Mitchell, Glynette Morgan, Belinda Olinger, Sara Street, Vickie Tackett and Nancy Woodall.

Bus route director and bus mechanic is Charlie Clinton. Bus drivers are Chris Chance, Charles Clinton, Johnny Cooper, Jacob Farris, Jonathan Fowler, Dennis Gay, David Hall, Ben Johnson, Mitchell Kazzee, Alan Landers, Janet Landers, Kerry Dale Landers, Philip Landers, Tim Linderman, Susie McCracken, Allen Reding, Brent Smith, Travis Stewart, Steve Staggs and Josh f