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PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE Northcentral Arkansas Development Council, Inc. (NADC) will hold a public hearing at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, June 21, 2018 to hear any comments concerning NADC’s Community Services Block Grant State Plan submission to the State of Arkansas Department of Human Services Office of Community Service Division. The meeting will be held in the NADC Administrative Offices at the corner of Ninth & Oak Sts. The meeting is open to the public.
LEGAL NOTICE The Citizens Bank, 200 South Third Street, Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas intends to apply to the Federal Reserve Board for permission to relocate its main office to 655 Saint Louis St., Batesville, Independence County, Arkansas 72501. The Federal Reserve considers a number of factors in deciding whether to approve the application including the record of performance of the applicant bank in helping to meet local credit needs. You are invited to submit comments in writing on this application to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, P.O. Box 442, St. Louis, Missouri 63166-0442. Comments can also be submitted electronically at The comment period will not end before July 3, 2018. The Board’s procedures for processing applications may be found at 12 C.F.R. Part 262. Procedures for processing protested applications may be found at 12 C.F.R. 262.25. To obtain a copy of the Federal Reserve Board’s procedures, or if you need more information about how to submit your comments on the application, contact David L. Hubbard, Senior Manager, at (314) 444-7303. The Federal Reserve will consider your comments and any request for a public meeting or formal hearing on the application if they are received in writing by this Reserve Bank on or before the last day of the comment period.
IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, ARKANSAS CIVIL DIVISION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, acting through THE RURAL DEVELOPMENT, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE PLAINTIFF VS. CASE NO. 32CV-17-287-I BEATRICE R. RAMSEY, RODNEY K. RAMSEY AND THE TENANTS (IF ANY) OF 71 CAMPBELL LANE, BATESVILLE, ARKANSAS DEFENDANTS NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Circuit Court of Independence County, made and entered on the 4th day of June, 2018, in a certain cause (No. 32CV-17-287-I) then pending therein between United States of America, acting through The Rural Development, United States Department of Agriculture vs. Beatrice R. Ramsey, Rodney K. Ramsey and the Tenants (If Any) of 71 Campbell Lane, Batesville, Arkansas, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public venue to the highest bidder, at the Clerk’s Office of the Independence County Courthouse, 192 E Main Street, Batesville, Arkansas in the County of Independence, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on the 9th day of July, 2018, at 10:00 a.m., the following described real estate situated in Independence County, Arkansas, to wit: 2A TRACT OF LAND BEING ALL OF LOT 12 OF THE DOMBROWSKI SUBDIVISION IN INDEPENDENCE COUNTY, ARKANSAS. [the “Real Property”]. The common or street address is 71 Campbell Lane, Batesville, Arkansas 72501. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three (3) months, the purchaser or purchasers and to execute a commercial corporate surety bond or bonds, approved by the Commissioner and counsel for United States of America, acting through The Rural Development, United States Department of Agriculture, as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved surety, bearing interest at the rate of ten percent (10%) per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase monies. Given under my hand this 8th day of June, 2018. Deborah Finley - by Marcia Young, DC ________________________________ COMMISSIONER This sale is made subject to any and all stipulations made in the decretal Order filed of record on June 4, 2018. The Commissioner does not warrant title, boundary lines, taxes and or improvements, if any, on this property in Independence County, Arkansas.
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