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We've made it easier to place your ad in The Batesville Daily Guard Classifieds. Please select the insertion plan you would prefer and fill in the necessary ad information. We will then calculate and price your ad for you and proceed to the payment information area. These amounts are our current prices. If you have any questions you may contact us at 870-793-2383.

Ad Deadlines:
Web submitted ads must be submitted by 12:00 midnight, two days prior to publication date.

Classified line ads also publish on our website. There will be a web publish fee of .50 for each ad.

Additional charge will apply on selections with word limits. There will be an additional charge for each word over the word limit.

Only Standard abbreviations and spacings are accepted.
Advertisers Should Read their advertisement the first day it appears and report errors in time for the next insertion. THE DAILY GUARD is responsible for only the first incorrect insertion and no allowance will be made for more than one incorrect insertion. THE DAILY GUARD does not assume any responsibility for any ad beyond the cost of the ad itself. This includes calling to stop an advertisement.
Box Mail Replies: Identity of advertiser can not be disclosed.
It is intended that every classified ad presents a clear statement of a bonafide offer made in good faith.
The publisher reserves the right to revise, reject or cancel any advertisement. THE DAILY GUARD will not be held responsible for omitted ads for any reason.
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